20. 11. 2016

Remembrance Day 2016 Prague

Poppy Day Prague 2016 0004

This year Poppy day at the Commonwealth War Cemetery, took place in uncommonly cold weather. Luckily that did not seem to put off too many people. The people came to reminisce the men who laid lives, so that we can live in peace. Although the attendance was numerous this year, the [&hellip

10. 4. 2016

Avia BH 5 in motion

Avia BH 5 Točná odjezd

This week Avia BH 5 was moved, from hangars at Prague Točná airport, to specialized workshop. That was the first step on Avia’s return to the clouds. General inspection will now take place. Minor glitches were found during the service, which also need to be resolved. Yesterday was an open day [&hellip

28. 1. 2016

Zlins above Klínovec

Zlin Trener over Oberwiesenthal headline

Along with the new year, the first days of 2016 marked the end of favourable flight conditions.The Historic Flight friends had to postpone the, almost traditional, new years flying. The first day with VFR conditions was the Saturday 16th January. After the departure from Prague and grouping at point Mike, [&hellip

11. 11. 2014

Poppy Day in Prague

Poppy Day Prague 2014

Same as every year, we attended the ceremony at Prague Olšany, at the Commonwealth war cemetery. Although one could have thousand and one complains about today’s Great Britain, it remains exemplar in the way they show their respect to their fallen soldiers. Even thought the weather was good many people [&hellip

1. 10. 2014

A new Zlin Trener in the Czech

Zlín Z 726 Universal

The Czech Republic is now owns “new” Zlín Trener, which is unique not only because of the trainer models were produced in limited quantities, but also because this particular model is from now on represented by just a single aircraft in the Czech skies. This machine is the very latest [&hellip

25. 9. 2014

Meeting of Zlin Trener Aircraft

Setkání letounů Zlín Trenér

Czechoslovak Historic Flight in cooperation with the Přerov airport and other partners has prepared informal meeting of all which are united by Zlin Trener aircraft for the weekend of 3rd to 5th October. Arrivals of all prospects are possible since Friday 10/3. Hangar and accommodation is secured and free of [&hellip

18. 6. 2014

Prague is under us

Zlín Trenér a Pražský hrad

When we were flying in the group Zlín aircrafts in 2012 the memorial RAMROD 2012 flight, then even though we folllowed the route of air air fighters during their return home, we did not do a tour above Prague. We succeeded in making the round trip above Prague  after two [&hellip

17. 6. 2014

Historic Flight is now over Prague

Zlin Trener over Prague

The Czechoslovak Historic Flight Association and its members participate in the Winged Lion project, building a monument to commemorate Czechoslovaks, who served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. After embarrassing hardships that accompanied the preparation of the unveiling of the monument, namely, after several location changes, [&hellip

11. 3. 2014

We participate in the Winged Lion project

czech pilots in RAF WW2

Several months ago we have become involved in the Winged Lion project, whose aim is to unveil a memorial in Prague dedicated to all Czechoslovaks, who served in the British Royal Air Force during WW2. The memorial, whose prominent feature is a winged bronze lion, will be revealed at a [&hellip

27. 1. 2014

The take off of the Avia BH 5

Avia BH 5 Milan Mikulecký 005

On the webpage Avia BH 5 is a short video that captures the take off of our “boska”. These pictures are indeed somewhat older, but the aircraft has certainly nothing changed. We were shooting at the airport Hradec Králové. Big thanks goes to companies DSA a.s. and FligtCam DSA s.r.o. [&hellip

28. 5. 2013

Formation flying camp at Krizanov

skupina historických letadel - vedoucí Aero 145 a 4x Zlín trener

Members and friends of Czechoslovak Historic Flight during the weekend descended at the airport in Krizanov to better themselves in the formation flying. Finally, the weather was nice and relaxing addition to flying managed to take some air-to-air photos, which you can see, in the gallery. Many thanks goes to [&hellip

26. 5. 2004

Homage to the knights of the sky

Pocta Rytířům nebes

Yesterday on May 25th 2004 in the Spanish hall of the Prague Castle we organized evening of festivities dedicated to Czechoslovak pilots having fought in World War 2. Both veteran Czechoslovak pilots as well as their former adversaries was present at the celebration. At the same occasion, the most successful [&hellip