When we were flying in the group Zlín aircrafts in 2012 the memorial RAMROD 2012 flight, then even though we folllowed the route of air air fighters during their return home, we did not do a tour above Prague.

We succeeded in making the round trip above Prague  after two years, specifically on Tuesday 17th of June, when we had a chance to make our flight during the unveiling the Winged Lion monument. Several veterans and donators of our projects were present on board of our planes.

Although the time schedule of the event had been changed a couple of times, the flight itself was without any problems. The flight as organized by Radim Vojta and we thank those, without whom it would not be possible to make the flight: all from the 24. air force base Praha Kbely a z Air Navigation Services of the Czech republic for their understadning and support and partners of the Winged Lion monument - Military History Institute in Prague and LOM Prague s.p.

In our yesterday’s group eight planes were present. For the first time we managed to have enough planes that a „joker“ was also present, a pilot capable of substituting any other pilot and machine in case of any troubles.

Radim Vojta OK – OTD – leader

Milan Vacík OK – OTF

Karel Čermák OK – VRC

Milan Mikulecký OK – OTP

Ondřej Ryčl OK – RKR

Aleš Ludera OK – DRB

Ivo Čajčík OK – OTB

Libor Smolík a Vladimír Peroutka OK – DAJ

All pictures from the flight are from Martin Pinkas a Štěpán Obrovský, cheers dudes.