Czechoslovak Historic Flight in cooperation with the Přerov airport and other partners has prepared informal meeting of all which are united by Zlin Trener aircraft for the weekend of 3rd to 5th October.

Arrivals of all prospects are possible since Friday 10/3. Hangar and accommodation is secured and free of chargé (it is necessary to take your own sleeping bags).

A lecture about operation, maintenance and life cycle led by owner of Zlín Avion Service Mr. Milan Jančář is planned to take place on Friday 6pm. Lectures about maintenance of M 137/337 led by Mr. Prokop and Mr. Altman from LOM Praha will start subsequently at 7pm. The rest of Friday evening is reserved for screening of aviation movies from the archives of Military History Institute in Prague and archive of Czechoslovak Historic Flight.

Saturday morning brings a little bit of theory for all prospects by the lecture of former Czech Army Display team Leader, general Jaroslav Kankia and his formation flying familiarization. Freshly acquired theoretical knowledge in formation flying could be then practiced in air under the leadership of Historical Flight pilots up to 12:30 in individual blocks.

All participants can watch Přerov Airport Day flight demonstrations from 1pm (demonstrations will also include performance of Zlin Trener aircraft).

Departures of participants are planned to take place on Saturday afternoon or on Sunday.

Participant’s airplanes and crews are excluded from airport fees.

First 15 participants which land in Přerov on Friday 3rd of October will get the fuel free of charge, however, little surprise is prepared for everybody.

Because of limited capacity of accommodation, please contact us in advance on