The Czech Republic is now owns “new” Zlín Trener, which is unique not only because of the trainer models were produced in limited quantities, but also because this particular model is from now on represented by just a single aircraft in the Czech skies. This machine is the very latest development of branch trainers – Zlin called  Z 726 Universal. So far, our only 726th aircrafts were Holešovský OK – DRC, Zlin Z 726 K, which is different from the Universal model, using supercharged engine M 337 AK and variable pitch propeller V 500 A, which are typical for latest Z-142nd.

Last week in Hungary, two members of the Historic Flight purchased and transported to the Czech Republic by air Zlín Z 726 Universal with the original Hungarian matriculation HA – SDE and a strange pseudohistorical coloring (it is obvious that Slovaks and Hungarians instructors agreed on the choice of the color) . Its owners have just started the process of logging into the Czech Aircraft Register and a new selection of the most suitable color. The aircraft itself is in a very good condition and still has many hours of flight time, including acrobatics.

From contemporary promotional material:

“Of the current production output offered by MORAVAN np in Otrokovice, aircraft Z 726 Universal  is the newest addition to the family trainers, its design is the result of many years of experience with the operation and production training, sport and aerobatic aircrafts. The new two-seater all-metal aircraft with retractable landing gear is designed for elementary pilot training, practicing acrobatics, navigation flights and towing gliders. It also fully meets the requirements of FAR Part 23. Compared to previous models, Z 726 Universal has reduced wing span and installed fairings between wing and fuselage. Increased the lateral agility and improved performance in vertical flight modes. All metal rudder tail is also new addition which positively affects the life of the airplane.

The new aircraft can be supplied in two versions:

- Z 726 with engine M 137 (180k), autonomous and automatic propeller V 503 A for normal and aerobatic category.

- Z 726 K with the compressor motor M 337 AK (210k) and a hydraulically adjustable propeller V 500 A for variable speed and normal category.

Universal name the best describes the possibility of using this aircraft, as mass distributed on the range of allowable center of gravity and related equipment of cabin allows solo flying from both the front and the back seats, it also possible to choose an engine power. Solo flights from the front seat is convenient for elementary training, while for practicing acrobatics is preferable from the back seat. ”

Aircraft Z 726 is based on the proven Z 526 F. Wings, after the experience with the aircraft Z 526 AFS, were shortened and fitted with transient cover, thereby improving lateral maneuverability. Wingspan of 9875 mm in model Z 526 F is smaller by 721 mm in Z 726 model. Stall speed was increased from 90 to 98 km/h, the maximum speed increased from 304 to 315 km/h. As a result of all-metal tail and completely dual segmental controls including switches and radios, empty aircraft weight increased from 665 to 690 kg.

In spite of bad weather conditions around Vienna, flight on the board of service Cirrus aircraft went without problems and members of Historical flight brought to the Czech Republic a large number of spare parts and even assembly plant. Cirrus once again proved its versatility, in addition to the transportation of our engineers, it has once again demonstrated (after folding the rear seats) its abilities to transport aircraft spare parts and accessories.