Czechoslovak Historic Flight

One of the founding members of the „Historic Flight RČS” was František Peřina, a fighter pilot in the RAF and legend of our Czechoslovak air force. The main activity of the Historical Flight is the reconstruction and flight readiness of actual historic airplanes, or their replicas that represent the history of Czech and Czechoslovak aviation in all of its eras. In other areas we promote and popularize aviation, including the protection, collection and the making available to the public all materials on air activities in the territories of former Czechoslovakia and the present Czech Republic. The association's core activity is maintenance of a group of historical aircraft, aiming to represent the history of Czech and Czechoslovak aviation.

At the present time the Historical Flight RČS maintains 6 fully airworthy airplanes. Four are original historic collections and two are replicas. The main criteria for all the airplanes we have in our collection are authenticity, whether we are concerned with original planes or their copies. In the reconstruction process, or in the manufacture of replicas, great care is taken to use original building materials and technological methods. Our planes are either directly owned by the Historical Flight RČS, or are the property of other owners who identify with the aims and goals of our association.